Park Street Playgrounds is a design and sales company, specializing in playground equipment, park amenities, and resilient surfacing. We offer a variety of equipment that allows us to help blend nature and play. We are the exclusive distributor of Berliner Seilfabrik, the first to introduce the popular cable net structures and unique play points. In addition, we offer traditional Wood and Steel play equipment from Henderson Recreation, custom-designed for your site. We have a highly experienced, certified, and knowledgeable staff with the ability to custom design, consult, install, and service your playground equipment. Learn more about Park Street Playgrounds. 

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Cable Net Structures

Movement is fascinating for children of all ages. It is always fun and exciting to jump, to turn, to swing, to seesaw, or to move about. That is why we have made movement the core of all our playground equipment.



PlayWood systems from Henderson Recreation are rooted m the natural world, but built to today's exacting standards PlayWood line provides us the opportunity to design and build play environments of any scale, large or small, that truly meets the needs of children.

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These free-standing elements are built so that children of all ages and all capabilities can enjoy them on their own terms and with little or no maintenance.


Music Play

Percussion Play instruments make musical expression accessible to everyone everywhere. There is no need for musical direction and any combination of our musical instruments can be played together harmoniously.


Paris Street Park

Memorial Park, Newtown CT

Hollow Park, CT

Once upon a time, playtime meant something different than it does today. Children freely explored neighboring fields and vacant lots. They climbed trees, made friends with caterpillars, and built one of a kind forts with their friends. They cultivated a growing sense of independence and a deep relationship with the natural world around them. Times have changed but playtime doesn't have to. Park Street Playgrounds has the ability to custom design playgrounds. Blending traditional and modern equipment to create a one of a kind play space.