Cable Net Structures

Climb to the Next Level

Movement is fascinating for children of all ages. It is always fun and exciting to jump, to turn, to swing, to seesaw, or to move about. That is why we have made movement the core of all our playground equipment. A special polyamide covered steel cable is the main component of our equipment. The cable is equipment and play partner at the same time; A cable is flexible — it reacts to every movement — it swings, it vibrates and bends — it is very lively. The flexibility of the cable creates a dialog with the child; action is followed by a reaction. All elements of our equipment offer play value. Climbing, swinging, balancing, hanging, crawling, and turning develop a sense of balance and ability to react as well as body strength and agility in a playful way. There are endless options for play points!


Natural Imagination

PlayWood systems from Henderson Recreation are rooted m the natural world, but built to today's exacting standards PlayWood line provides us the opportunity to design and build play environments of any scale, large or small, that truly meets the needs of children, PlayWood playgrounds use NatureWood, a 100% arsenic-free wood treatment which protects from pests and decay, and improves the longevity of your playground without compromising on safety. PlayWood is an Environmentally-responsible choice, requiring less energy to produce than alternative inorganic building materials, including plastic and steel. Treatment of NatureWood uses renewable and recyclable ingredients.


The Choice of Children

For its innovative design, unsurpassed quality, and incredible value, Harmon PLAYSTEEL line of steel playground equipment is the product of choice for hundreds Of schools, municipalities, child care centers, and private enterprises. More importantly, PLAYSTEEL is the choice or children. Exciting components and limitless versatility make PLAYSTEEL the perfect play environment for children of all ages and abilities, developing both body and mind through challenging play. The bolt and go system on our PlaySteel makes installation and maintenance quick and easy. Their unique construction system allows the play equipment to be adapted to any site. This is extremely useful when designs are required for special needs and individual design requirements.


Swing, turn, spin, slide, bounce, jump or sway

These free-standing elements are built so that children of all ages and all capabilities can enjoy them on their own terms and with little or no maintenance.

Park Street Playgrounds has the ability to custom design; Blending traditional and modern equipment to create a one-of-a-kind play space.


Music Play

Percussion Play

Percussion Play instruments make musical expression accessible to everyone everywhere. There is no need for musical direction and any combination of our musical instruments can be played together harmoniously. These are enjoyable and attractive musical instruments which will make you want to come back and play again and again. Whatever the signs say, playgrounds are not only for children. Everyone has the potential to make music and given the opportunity to get hands-on experience of playing our instruments allows everyone to realize how truly gratifying it is to make music together.

Surfacing, Shade, and Park Amenities

Surfacing, Shade, and park amenities are based on functionality, design, versatility, and durability. These high-quality items stand up to even the harshest of conditions and our most demanding customers, the children!